Sep 19, 2018

After one phone interview, I became a Hong Kong expat

Imagine reaching out to a random stranger on Linkedin, receiving a response, then scheduling a call to learn about their experience living abroad. Now visualize having that conversation inspire you to apply for a role in a foreign country. Can you now wrap your mind around receiving a job offer after one phone interview? Subsequently, selling your car and packing up your life in a matter of weeks – furniture in tow, to relocate to a continent you have not visited before? Well, that’s how it all began for me! 🙂

This journey, led by my fearlessness regarding reaching out to random strangers has brought me to Hong Kong where I have been nurturing my passions and curating a life for the last 7 years.  Moving here was one of the best decisions I have made and doing so has dismantled many of my pre-conceived notions about the region & living abroad. Prior to my move, I had begun exploring new places but my new location and access ignited my interest in exploring the region and more of the world.

I now call myself a global citizen who believes that travel is a wonderful connector of all things curious, creative and bold. Besides shot glasses and local fabric, I am also a collector of experiences, memories, and friends as I wander to each new country. I seek to live in a world where my creativity is fed and my yearning for connecting with people is nourished. I have always embraced the opportunity to establish community amongst people from different cultures so I have also called St.Vincent, New York, London, and Ghana home.

Over the years, many people have urged me to share my experiences in an open forum but I was hesitant to do so because I am a private person. However, I now realize that my desire for privacy is a disservice to those with genuine interest. I have guided many on their journeys individually and have assisted others on moving abroad, but I now hope to be of service to more people in a more efficient way. Not only am I ready to tell my story but I am also eager to share stories of the inspiring people whom I’ve met along the way.

My goal is to provide information and useful resources that will inspire you to move abroad,  travel throughout Africa & around the world, and support emerging creatives. We have the power to balance the narrative and to use our resources to make an impact in parts of the world that are often misrepresented. Travel and living abroad can transform lives and I aim to share my journey in hopes of transforming yours.

My name is Audra Gordon and welcome to the Audraverse. Allow me to inspire you to embark on your own journey around the world; fearlessly, stylishly and economically.

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