Oct 25, 2018

Beam Bold – in sundresses made for your height

There are many perks of being an expat in Asia but there are also many pain points (mostly first world problems!) 🙂  Regarding fashion, many expats here experience difficulty finding shoes and clothing in larger sizes. For tall women, accessing clothing in longer lengths locally can also be problematic so many of us shop online or while traveling. Once I had decided to launch my colorful fashion brand, Beam Bold, I was eager to solve some of these fashion pain points. Consequently, I have designed my dresses to be inclusive of the height and size ranges of women in this cosmopolitan city (Hong Kong) and those around the globe. For us at Beam Bold, maxi means maximum length for your height. All of our maxi dresses are available for pre-order in petite, short, regular, and tall length as we cater to women up to 6 feet tall. Our sizes range from XXXS to 3XL and custom orders are welcomed for larger sizes and longer lengths beyond those that are readily available.

As an avid traveler, I’m constantly considering clothing weight while shopping. With each purchase, I deliberate on how much of my 23kg luggage allowance must be forfeited during my journey to each destination (I’m never on team carry-on) 🙂 . I began product development with the goal of providing lightweight, breathable clothing that is exceptional for warm, humid weather and for traveling. After months of research, I settled on 100% natural fibers for my collection.  Our colorful pieces flow effortlessly in the wind and are made with a perfect blend of silk and cotton.

My long-term travels have allowed me to use my creativity to revamp many of my outfits to create different looks. Inherently, this experience has influenced my designs so I have strong desires to encourage women to embrace their individualities through design. I have added elements to most of my pieces to allow you to create different looks from the same dress. Our Labadi Breeze dress, featured here, has been styled with optional ties to create the illusion of open shoulders straps. You will also have the choice to belt your waist with our removable waist ties. Alternatively, you can remove all of the ties for an effortless look. Our separates give you the freedom to mix and match our vibrant colors and prints or wear as a set to suit your personal preference.

Having difficulties finding sundresses for your off-season getaway? Our printed fabrics are limited edition but we provide an unlimited supply of the little bold dress™ all year round. Did we mention that you’ll have pockets? Join our mailing list to be first to pre-order our new collection. On Saturday Nov 3, our Hong Kong friends will have the opportunity to fit and purchase for their next getaway. Join the fun at Le Souk in Soho from 2:30 – 5:30 pm to mingle with other bold women and be a part of the expressive revolution.

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