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18 Oct 2022

Expat Life – What kept me in Hong Kong for a decade

“Today marks 11 years since I landed in Hong Kong for the very first time. A chance LinkedIn connection empowered me to trade my life in New York City for Hong Kong without previously visiting.”

28 Feb 2019

Expat Life: How Hong Kong became Home Kong

“I moved to Hong Kong before ever visiting and fell in love with this city immediately. My only challenge was that a few years in, I also fell in love with Africa. My frequent travels across the African continent threatened my ability to remain in HK”

20 Dec 2018

Ivory Coast – the border crossing tips you need

“Early one Saturday morning, I left Accra and headed west towards the Ivory Coast border with a private driver.  I had no clue that I was about to embark on the most eventful border crossing of my West Africa tour.”

08 Nov 2018

Beam Bold – giving you bold choices while reducing textile waste

“We don’t just create beautiful pieces, we care about the planet too. Did you know that the textile industry is the 2nd most polluting industry on earth? My journey through Africa has …”

25 Oct 2018

Beam Bold – in sundresses made for your height

“For us at Beam Bold, maxi means maximum length for your height. All of our maxi dresses are available for pre-order in petite, short, regular, and tall length as we cater to women up to 6 feet tall. Our sizes range from XXXS to 3XL and …”

18 Oct 2018

My Togo Experience: Road-tripping and more

“… do not let language barriers deter you from visiting francophone countries. Togo was the first of 8 French-speaking countries I visited while traveling across West Africa and I managed to navigate just fine while speaking only English.”